Summary Note On Violence Against Children In Turkey

This document aims to provide a snapshot of violence against children in the world, and particularly in Turkey, and to offer an asy reference to guide interventions to prevent and respond to violence against children in Turkey. All children have the right to be protected from violence exercised against them, whether by parents, teachers, partners, friends or other persons they trust, or by strangers.

All forms of violence experienced by children, regardless of the nature or severity of the act, are harmful. Violence has devastating effects on the lives of children. It undermines children’s sense of self-worth, hinders their development, and can lead to a broad range of physical, psychological, social and economic consequences. Yet statistics reveal that children experience violence at all stages of childhood and in diverse settings including the home, school, the community and workplaces. An analysisof nationally representative survey data on the prevalence of violence against children in 96 countries estimates that one billion children globally – over half of all children aged 2–17 years – have experienced emotional, physical or sexual violence in the past year.

Despite its high prevalence, violence against children often remains hidden and underreported. A meta-analysis of global data finds self-reported child sexual abuse is 30 times higher and physical abuse is 75 times higher than official reports would suggest